There is no message that is more important than the Gospel message. The Gospel isn’t only sufficient in saving our lives. It is also sufficient in sustaining our lives. When someone needs to be inspired, encouraged, challenged, rejuvenated or needs to become more culturally intelligent, I believe that they need to look no further than the Gospel. Sharing the Gospel in its fullness is a great responsibility. I’m blessed and honored to have had the opportunity to do so for over a decade.

It would be my pleasure to serve you, your community, your church or your organization by speaking. I could show up at your event, retreat, seminar, training, banquet, conference, workshop, or worship experience. Your audience would be invited to laugh, have fun, understand the Gospel in new ways and see things in a totally different light. So whether your looking to raise money, become more culturally intelligent, encourage your people or draw closer to Jesus, I am your man.

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