My Story

I have been  going to church my entire life. However, I didn’t truly desire to turn away from my sin and pursue Jesus until I was in college. That initial heart shift led to a radical transformation in my life. I wandered for about 6 years after that trying to figure out my life, which is typical for males in their early twenties. During that time, I dropped out of college, lost a brother and lost my father. In 2008 things started coming together and I was starting to build my life brick by brick. I was a high school math teacher. I was dating the woman that would eventually become my wife. The Lord  was increasing the opportunities for ministry which would set the stage for a transition into full time ministry.

My Challenge

As my life expanded, cracks emerged in my foundation. The foundation of my faith in Jesus was not strong enough to sustain the life that was being built on it. Sin had an increasing presence in my life. My obedience and my service was a result of a sense of duty and obligation instead of love for Jesus. I knew Jesus had more for me, but I didn’t know how to go get it.  I discovered that their were significant gaps in my understanding of the Gospel of Jesus and what it looked like to live out my relationship with him. This discovery led to tremendous frustration. How could I be so invested in my church community and its teaching and still have not a good grasp of what should be basic elements of my faith in Jesus? 

My Calling

This experience lit a fire inside of me to do all I can to present the Gospel in a way that is full, complete, clear and understandable so that people can experience the fullness of what is available to us through a relationship with Jesus. Throughout scripture we see that God’s heart is for us to experience a quality of life that is better than the life that we as humans can create for ourselves. Scripture implies that there is more of life to be experienced that is greater than what we are currently experiencing. There is great depth to the life that we are created to experience. There is great depth when it comes to how we live our lives as human beings. There is great depth when it comes to the love that Jesus has for us. There should be no question in the believer’s mind of how to experience the “more” that Jesus has for us. The Lord has equipped and prepared me to walk alongside and empower people live a life that is sustained by the Gospel and discover the pathway that leads to the “more” Jesus has for them and experience a richer relationship with Jesus.

My Family

I am happily married to my wife Andrea. We have one daughter and a golden doodle named Harley. I currently live in Raymore, Missouri which is a suburb of Kansas City, where I have lived my entire life. We live full lives filled with family, friends, travel and ministry. One of our greatest joys is that our home is a gathering place where people feel at home, feel loved, feel at peace and experience a lot of fun and laughter 


What People Are Saying